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If you think that universal load carriers ruin the style of modern vehicles, the SmartPort will teach you a lesson. The Linnepe designers have taken up the design language of modern motorhomes when designing the SmartPort carrier; thus, the carrier becomes a part that integrates beautifully with the motorhome. This makes the SmartPort one of the most visually pleasing systems on the market, without compromising quality.

Accessories & Extensions:

The SmartPort headband simplifies the attachment of motorcycles and scooters. The headband ensures a secure hold on all motorized two-wheelers; The bracket is easily and quickly attached to the support tube and fits into the groove system of the platform.

Bike Holder Basic
The Bike Holder Basic is a complete addon for attaching up to two bicycles instead of a scooter or motorcycle onto the platform.

Bike Holder Plus
Like the Bike Holder Basic, the Plus allows the transport of up to two bicycles but also allows for a motorcycle or scooter at the same time. The transport of bicycles is only possible with the Plus when a scooter or motorcycle is attached, or with the use of the headband.