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One of our most popular products is the SlidePort bike carrier – thanks to its aluminum construction, support for a payload of up to 170kg and its unique sliding functionality to allow you to open up the right tailgate, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular!

Scooters can be easily transported on the shapely platform of the SlidePort. They’re kept secure by the 4 rollover handlebar clamps and 2 tension straps for sturdy wheel fixation. The load carriers are designed so that when the carrier is unloaded, the rear doors are fully opened. This means that both rear doors can be opened completely even when the carrier is mounted.

Additionally, the SlidePort comes with it’s own built in loading ramp to ease your scooter onto the carrier. Our designers have developed a functional solution for neatly storing the ramp when it’s not in use; it simply disappears in a drawer under the carrier and stays out of the way when opening the tailgate. Like all Linnepe load carriers, the SlidePort is removable. The platform girders can be removed quickly and easily without tools, thanks to the special quick attachment on the vehicle.