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Decades of experience in the construction of bike carriers have gone into the development of our Findus products. Through the targeted use of materials, we have succeeded in achieving a particularly well-balanced carrier system, which we were able to reduce to an intrinsic weight of only approx. 27 kg (in the lightest version) – and with a payload of up to 150 kg. This easily removable load carrier system is available in four different versions:

The Original Findus

This version is intended for the transport of scooters. It is equipped as standard with a large retaining bracket, lashing straps, wedges for the wheels and a loading ramp. Due to its low height, the scooter can be easily pushed onto the carrier. Due to its compact size, the length of your vehicle changes only slightly.


Findus 2.0

Findus 2.0 is ideal for two bicycles, push or electric. By design, the bikes can be loaded and unloaded at knee height, which is possible without much effort. The Findus 2.0 is about the same size as the Findus. Anyone who would later like to retrofit the carrier for scooter transport can do this easily with a special conversion kit. A loading ramp for e-bikes is also available.



Findus 4.0

The Findus 4.0 is perfect for families. This load carrier is equipped with longer carrying arms and can accommodate up to 4 bicycles. The low loading height makes it easy to load and unload the bikes. Flexible brackets keep the bikes safely in place.

Findus Pro

If you want to be more versatile on holiday, the Findus Pro has the possibility to take two bikes and a scooter. However, pay attention to the payload of 150 kg; It’s usually enough for regular bikes and a small scooter, but it might not be enough for a small motorcycle. In such a case, a trailer is a much better solution.